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What is virtual private server (VPS) hosting?

A VPS is your own private space on a larger server. No one else has access to your piece of the server or uses your resources, so it’s a powerful, reliable, secure solution. A VPS will give you the control and resources of a dedicated server without the large expense. Many blogs need more resources than shared hosting can provide, so a VPS is the best option.

How do I know which hosting plan will work best for me?

You can email us at support@orangegeek.com to request pricing and plan information.

Does Orange Geek offer technical support with my hosting plan?

We are a full service web host and include unlimited technical support for all issues related to hosting. Please view our plans to view more of the features included with our hosting.

Will Orange Geek transfer my site from another host?

We include one WordPress to WordPress website transfer at no additional charge with our hosting plans.

How long will it take to transfer my site from my old host to Orange Geek?

Once the transfer from a previous hosting company to Orange Geek has started, most transfers only take a couple of hours. It might take longer depending on the speed of your old host as well as the amount of images on your site. Visitors will still be able to access your site like normal during the transfer process.

Will my blog be down during the transfer from my old host to Orange Geek?

Visitors will continue to be able to view your blog and post comments like normal, however there’s usually a 2-24 hour period where some visitors to your site will be viewing the site on your previous host. Orange Geek will make sure all of the comments on your site synchronize between the two servers. Depending on possible limitations of the old host we sometimes can’t synchronize the image files during this time which is why we recommend waiting 2-24 hours after the switch before uploading new images to your site.

Do I need to be involved in the transfer of my site?

You don’t need to do anything during the actual transfer process, however before the transfer process is started you will need to give us the necessary login information for your account on the old host. The nameservers for your domain will also need to be changed. You can either give us the login information for your domain registration account or make this change yourself.

How do I change my nameservers?

If you choose to update the nameservers yourself, you will need to log in to the account of your current domain registrar to make the change. With most registrars, the name server information is located in your dns settings. You will need to replace the existing name servers with the following Orange Geek name servers:


Where do I get my domain registration infomation?

If you are unsure about who your domain registrar is you can usually find out by searching for your domain at DomainTools.com. Otherwise, contact us and we will gladly help you find out who your domain registrar is. If you have lost your login information and are unsuccessful in retrieving or resetting your password then we can give you the information needed to regain access to your account with the registrar.

If I switch to Orange Geek hosting, will I lose rss subscribers?

Simply switching hosts does not affect rss feeds or subscriptions. If you are migrating between platforms (ie: Blogger to WordPress) certain steps will need to be taken in order to minimize the impact on rss subscriptions.

Will Orange Geek back up my site's text and images?

All of the text in posts and pages on a WordPress site is stored in a database which is backed up every night. Each nightly database backup is stored for 7 days.

All images, files, the wordpress core, themes and plugins are synchronized to our backup system on a nightly basis.

We will also take a server snapshot prior to every maintenance update. The server snapshot makes it so that we can restore the entire server to exact state that it was in before making any updates.

Can I have more than one site on my VPS?

Additional websites are allowed at $30.00/mo per site. This will include all the same support features as the main site on the account (24/7 uptime monitoring, database snapshots, redundant backups, WordPress support, malware scans).

How do I cancel my hosting account?

Hosting accounts need to be cancelled prior to a renewal via a written notice from the client. Refunds are not permitted for cancellations received after a renewal date. Cancellation notices need to be received from the email that is on file for the account being cancelled. Email support@orangegeek.com with your request for cancellation.